First post: Introduction.

  Hello! My name is Ricardo Viscaya, I’m 18 years old and I am from Venezuela. I am so glad I finally had the opportunity to create a blog because I barely have leisure time due to my studies. I study Modern Languages (I like languages a lot!), I find them very interesting and I would like to learn as much languages as I can. I speak Spanish, which is my mother tongue; and I speak English as well.

   I created this blog to express myself and to write some stuff. I want this blog to have varied themes, I will write about my everyday life, also about my experiences, journeys, wishes, etc. Furthermore, I would like to write about global issues, news and so on. In addition, I’ll also try to write stories, tales, etc. My wish is this to be interesting, funny and creative. I will try to write as much as possible when I have the time.

   As you already know, I’m new in this blog thing, so I hope to get better at this with the time and offer you but the best. I used a simple theme to decorate the blog (sorry for that), I promise you I will make it look more attractive and prettier. If you want to follow me on my social medias, I left you the icons on the right side of the blog where you can go directly to them.

   To summarize, I hope you enjoy this as I expect, I’ll try to be active and write as much as I can. Besides, have a merry Christmas! 



22 thoughts on “First post: Introduction.

  1. Ashley

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours seems to be off to a great start, also! It’s a lot of fun to share even if it’s just about everyday experiences! ☺ Have fun!

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  2. I too love languages. I like to see the similarities and differences in Languages. I speak English (of course!), French (pretty well) and some Spanish. I am also interested in Esperanto. I wish that it could be adopted as a universal language and taught in schools.

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    1. Very good! I think knowing languages is so important because it opens many doors and it gives you a lot of opportunities as well. I started studying German btw. It is pretty awesome!



      1. I know a little German. I lived in Germany for 3 years, but that was many moons ago. I’m going to visit Germany and France in Sept., so I’m brushing up on both languages. Did I already ask you where you live?

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      2. Very good! I want to go to Germany some day… as well as make a tour around all Europe… I live in Venezuela so I speak Spanish as well. Where do you live?

        Have a good day!


  3. Hi, I’m new in this world of blogging, I’m from DR. Thank you so much for stopping by my first publication. I really liked your publication about college it’s something we should know before getting there. I study medicine and actually I’m in my last semester. I hope the time let me do this in a good way as you do (I really liked the way you communicate things, I must practice). Thank you again!

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