A beachy weekend

  I have to confess that I am not a beach lover, I’m just not into it, but sometimes it can end up being entertaining and relaxing; last weekend was the perfect proof of it.

  My family and I went to the beach for the entire weekend and it was great, we had fun for real. We went to a popular beachy region here in my country, it is named ‘Tucacas’ and we stayed in a beautiful flat just in front of the beach, you can imagine the views from the window, they were totally breathtaking!

  On Saturday, we decided to go to a lovely beach that, in fact, is a national park here in Venezuela, its name is Morrocoy National Park. It is a wonderful beach with crystal water, clear sand and sunny weather; seriously it was more like a swimming pool than a beach itself due to the relaxed atmosphere and the peaceful sea. We did really enjoy the trip and we’ll definitely do it again.

Have you recently gone to the beach? How was it?

Tell me in the comments section.


36 thoughts on “A beachy weekend

    1. It’s completely understandable, it happens to me all the time! That’s why going to the beach is not one of my favourite things to do. Thank you for checking out my new post! Have a good day! 😄👍

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  1. Hello. We are so please to see you stop by our site and now we can meet you. Our recent road trip took us through the state of Florida where beaches border on three sides. We were on the West side known as the Gulf. The beaches were of soft white sand and like you wrote the waters were crystal clear and the sun rises and set were magnificent. We are looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes and words.

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  2. Hii 🙂 I really love this article and all the pictures you have taken to capture the moment. It really looks beautiful and romantic. I am from Croatia, a beautiful seaside country in Europe, I love our beaches but we don’t have so much palms. I don’t know but I find palms so romantic :))

    Hope you will go to that trip once again in the future. Best regards,

    xoxo Sabina

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    1. Thank you so much! It always feels great when you notice someone else enjoyed your post. I would like to go to Croatia and try its beautiful beaches, as I’m sure they are. I’m glad your liked the pictures and the post itself.


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  3. Amazing photos.. however you have given me a massive urge to get myself to a beach. My next trip is New York meaning I can’t see that happening lol. October time feels like ages when I’ll next have the chance. AH WELL I’ll stick with the photos for now haha 🙂

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  4. Beauty and Fashion

    Wow! This looks like an amazing place to visit! I love your pictures! I’m glad you enjoyed the beach. I live close to one and I’m not really a beach person either but there are a few times we go that I really enjoy myself!

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