Throwback Trip: Mérida

   One of the best activities there are is definitely to travel because this world offers a variety of different places, destinies and landscapes that every human being deserves to visit and to enjoy.

   Having said that, this post is about one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. It is a Venezuelan state called Mérida, which is a lovely, mountainous, cold-weather region. I went there exactly a year ago and I am looking forward to coming back there soon. The trip was really good; it was a one-week trip so we had time to go to many touristic places.

   My favourite place was for sure “la Laguna de Mucubaji” which is a very popular lake sorrounding by big greeny trees and with a perfect cold atmosphere.

   Furthermore, we went to “El Pico del Águila”, which translated means The Eagle’s Peak. This place is located at the top of a mountain where there is a beautiful church and many stalls where food and cold-weather clothes are sold. The views and landscapes that are seen from there are absolutely breathtaking.

   Additionally, we stayed in a lovely cottage very high from the ground, overlooking a small countryside village that looked as if  it were out of a fairy tale.

   We really enjoyed the trip and hopefully we expect to go there this year. This state, one of the most beautiful from Venezuela, is full of kind people and beautiful landscapes and a great culture.


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